What Is Going On?

Whenever the waves of adversity crash over us, we can become disoriented and ask of God, “What’s going on?”
We often wish that God would peel back the veil and allow us to understand His purpose and how the trials fit into his plan for our lives. In the book Revelation, that’s exactly what God does.  He lifts the veil on everyday reality.  Unlike the dramatic scene from the Wizard of Oz, there isn’t some short bearded dude behind a control board operating special effects!  Rather, we see God, the Sovereign ruler and Christ the Glorious Savior ruling and overseeing the course of human history (Rev. 4-5) to its consummation—the New Creation (Rev. 21-22).
This Sunday, we’ll look at the somewhat bizarre, but awe inspiring scene of Revelation 5.  We’ll unpack how this “other worldly” passage has worldly relevance for us contemporary followers of Christ.  In the meantime, check out the “fast facts” on Revelation below.
Fast Facts on the Book of Revelation

  • Author:  Likely, John the Apostle
  • Date:  Around 90 A.D. 
  • Genre: Revelation is a unique book in that it is a combination of genres (types of literature).
    1. Apocalyptic (Rev 1:1)

No, Revelation does not depict the Zombie Apocalypse!  Apocalyptic literature, according to biblical scholar David DeSilva, “is a medium of communication that puts an everyday situation in perspective by looking at the larger context that should interpret that situation. In other words, the world is more than what we see.  Revelation invites to examine the trajectory of our lives on earth and if necessary, realign our lives with the heavenly reality.

    1. Prophecy (Rev. 1:3)

Revelation is “a word from the Lord” to challenge, alert, and encourage Christ followers to pursue faithfulness and avoid judgment.

    1. Letter (Rev. 1:4)

Like other NT letters, Revelation is addressed to a specific people in a specific situation to help them reshape their perspective and response to specific challenges.

  • Purpose:  Revelation was written to churches all over the spectrum of commitment. Some were fledgling; others were complacent and compromising their commitment to Christ.  Revelation challenges them to persevere in faith and reject sinful compromise (notice the repeated calls to “overcome” and “repent)  in chapters 2-3).For further information:  WATCH the Bible Project video on Revelation. 


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