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Mobile Presence: God Among His People

Whether we consider ourselves religious or not we have a sanctuary. It’s a sacred space where we retreat for solace and some sort of ritual.  Whatever your space is, it seems human beings have a hardwired proclivity towards sacred space that goes back to Genesis. In this message, Pastor Tim unpacks how God’s presence dwelt…

Regal Role

“What’s my role?” Fortunately, the Christian doesn’t have to live in the dark about this question. God reveals His regal role for the redeemed in Exodus 19:1-6.

Super-Sized Mission

“Why doesn’t God just fix this mess?” Have you ever uttered those words as you have been confronted with the daily troubles of this sin-filled world?  What we sometimes easily miss in our protests is that fact that we are part of the mess! Genesis 12 is God’s answer to the mess we created. It’s…

God Establishes His Creation

Act I of the biblical drama opens with the Sovereign King who establishes creation. He establishes creation through His powerful word; by His supreme wisdom, and for His glory.

Jesus: The Fulfillment of Redemption’s Story

Imagine trying to piece together a 1000 piece puzzle without a picture.  Sounds like an impossible task, doesn’t it?  Yet, that’s how many of us see the Bible; like a puzzle without a picture.  If only we had a picture to help us piece it together.  We do.  Jesus is the picture to help us…

Christmas Unwrapped – Matthew 1:18-25

When you unwrap all the sentimentality from Christmas, you’re left with a gift that to which you can relate.  The gift of Christmas is that God wrote Himself into the mess of the human story to save us from our sins.