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Sanctified in Christ – John 17:13-19

Have you ever been dissatisfied with your performance as an employee? Maybe disappointed by how you parent? Or, you stepped on the scale and said, ” I need help.” We all can relate to one of more of these scenarios. What each of them has in common is the recognition of the need for change…

Justified in Christ – Romans 3:21-26

Each day each social media users update their status on various social media platforms.  We inform our social network what we’re up to and how we’re feeling.  Have you ever given thought to what your status is before God?  Let me help you out–it’s either guilty or righteous. This message provides a basic introduction into…

Turned Around: Evidence of a Changed Life

Has someone ever told you,“I’m changed!” only to later discover that the professed change was superficial?   Those moments hurt. They leave us disappointed, maybe even betrayed and skeptical of such declarations. Maybe we wish we could know how to evaluate real change. We can. Luke 19:1-10 is a portrait of a real change that Jesus…

A Sure Election – Romans 8:31-39

Any election is filled with uncertainty and anxiety, especially when the stakes are high. One election that isn’t shrouded in uncertainty but certainty, is divine election. Divine election is a sure election that gives comfort to the Christian.

Devoted to Service

Is your posture like Jesus? Are you standing like a star or kneeling like a servant? Check out this message to see how you measure up against Jesus’ pattern of service.

Devoted to Unity

Unity in the body of Christ is the responsibility of every member. Learn why unity is important and how we can maintain it.