How Successful Are You?

You’ve likely given this question a lot of thought.

In fact, answering this question can be quite difficult. Am I successful employee? Am I a successful parent and/or spouse? Am I a successful student? I think you get the point. Your answer depends upon your angle.
Here’s another angle to consider: am I a success in the eyes of God?
This Sunday we will find out God’s metric for success according to Joshua 1:1-9. Be sure to join us to make sure you know the Lord’s key to a successful life.

Key Terms
Book of the Law
Points to Ponder

  1. In Joshua 1:1-9 success is tied to a very specific objective. What is it?
  2. How might we be tempted to misuse what this text says about success?
  3. What must Joshua and Israel do to achieve success?
  4. What is biblical meditation? Read Psalm 1 about the connection between biblical meditation and blessedness.
  5. Israel’s conquest of Canaan would require courageous obedience (Joshua 1:9). What situation in your life right now requires courageous obedience (hint: it might be the very thing you are most reluctant to tackle)?
  6. What encouraging promise does God give to Israel (v.9)? How does this promise affect your view of your challenging situation?

Further Information
Explore the book of Joshua.

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