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Worship Service Location:

Llantrisant Retreat & Wellness Center

336 Bushkill Street

Tatatmy, PA 18085

Note:  We provide Children’s Church.  Visit our Children’s Ministry page for further info.


Christmas Sermon Series

Unwrap God’s Greatest Gift!

Recent Sermon

Do you want to be a part of something big?

Hardwired in every one of us is a longing to live a life that counts for something.   In the words of author Paul Tripp, we are “glory junkies.”  The thrill of the overtime victory, the majestic sunset, and the exhilaration we feel at the news of the big promotion reveal we were made for glory.

Yet, despite the achievements we attain, we still long to pursue something bigger and better.  Why?  Unless our pursuits are tied to God’s glory, we will always fall short of attaining the life we always wanted.

We believe Jesus Christ is the key to leading a glorious life.  Jesus always lived for God’s glory and was crucified, buried, and raised to new life so that we too can truly savor and live for God’s glory.

Forks Community Church is comprised of real people, like you, who have been forever changed by the real hope of Jesus Christ.  In light of this transformation, we are learning what it means to live big in a whole new way.  We invite you to come and discover what it means to know Christ, grow in Jesus Christ, and to go out in the world to serve like Jesus Christ.